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The Sea

Explore life below sea level

Underwater life

Explore the exciting underwater world from the glistening surface to the mysterious depths and discover life underwater. Admire hundreds of beautifully coloured shells, crabs in all shapes and sizes, deep sea squids, fossils that are millions of years old and various other fascinating sea creatures.

Shell collection

Our collection of marine biology in Muzee mostly consists of shells from oceans all over the world and makes up one of the most varied and extensive shell collections in The Netherlands. For example, our interesting collection of Crustaceans, Echinoderms, Cephalopods and Pearls that can all be admired in Muzee.

Registered Marine Collection

The marine biological collection in Muzee Scheveningen consists of many subcollections of which the shell collection is the most extensive. In total there are more than 150,000 registered objects.

Only a small portion of the objects are actually on display in the official exhibition since the majority are kept safe in the museum depot.

Take a look at the marine collection in Muzee here: Muzee – collectiesite (

Wanted: Surf Culture

In upcoming years, we are looking to expand our collection with the newest and youngest subculture in Scheveningen: surfing culture. These aquatic athletes are an essential part of culture in Scheveningen, at the beach and in the streets. An up and coming modern history that we would also love to exhibit.

Do you have any objects that you think perfectly tell the story of surfing culture in Scheveningen? We would love to hear from you see how we could integrate these objects into our collection.

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