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Fishermen Salt & Sweet

4 september 2021 – 28 februari 2022

High waves and rough seas. Days that become nights with no sleep. Tough and tiring work all far from home. Fear. Sadness. But also, adventure, freedom and comradery. Many strong stories and of course, a lot of fish. Starting on the 4th of September 2021 Muzee presents ‘Fishermen-Salt and Sweet’. Salty and sweet stories and memories of 12 former fishermen are documented in 12 crystal clear portraits and a documentary film by Roderik Rotting.

Salt and Sweet
Fishermen Salt and Sweet tells the story of what it was really like to be a fisherman in Scheveningen. The rough and the soft side, the joy and sorrow, the chaotic seas and the mainland: the Sweet and the Salty. What was it like to be on board as a young man and what was life like being away from home for weeks on end? What do gale force 10 winds feel like and what does it feel like to haul heavy nets full of fish back on board? How sweet must it have been to finally step back onto dry land, be scrubbed clean in a warm washtub and to see your new-born child for the first time.

Guided tours and the Strong Stories café
As a part of this exhibition, you can have the opportunity to stand side by side one of the 12 former fishermen. On Wednesdays and Saturdays, they give guided tours of the exhibition and can tell you more about their adventures at sea in the café, where they may be drinking a glass of gin, maybe even with you by their side!

Where, what and how?
Climb aboard, brace yourself and experience what it was like to be a fisherman. Be carried along on the waves and the Fishermen’s stories and discover how Salty and how Sweet life in Scheveningen can be. Available to see in Muzee from the 4th of September!

The exhibition Fishermen – Salty and Sweet was partially made possible with help from Fund 1818, Prince Bernard Culture Fund, Scheveningen Steunfonds and the Donor Association of Muzee.

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