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Culture in Scheveningen

Life in Scheveningen, then and now


Get a taste of the olden days in our replica of an old street in Scheveningen with children playing and laundry being done on every corner. Explore our old tree house and experience first-hand how spartan the fishery was way back when. Our tour guides, who are all former fishermen, know all about what it was like to live in Scheveningen years ago and are more than glad to share their stories with you.

Straw beach chairs
In this exhibition about bath and beach life you can get to know all about what a day at the beach was like in the olden days. For example, people used to relax in beach chairs made of straw to take shelter from the sun and the wind.

The Fishery

The historical collection in Muzee is made up of a lot of items that have to do with the fishery in Scheveningen. Items like model ships, tools and paintings display how the fishery developed in Scheveningen throughout the years.

Wanted: Surf Culture

In upcoming years, we are looking to expand our collection with the newest and youngest subculture in Scheveningen: surfing culture. These aquatic athletes are an essential part of culture in Scheveningen, at the beach and in the streets. An up and coming modern history that we would also love to exhibit.

Do you have any objects that you think perfectly tell the story of surfing culture in Scheveningen? We would love to hear from you see how we could integrate these objects into our collection. For more information contact Justa van den Bulk via [email protected].

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