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Welcome to Muzee Scheveningen! This old school building, which was built in 1877, has since been renovated, and is now the perfect place to discover the history of the old fishing village and seaside resort. Be transported back in time and take a glimpse inside the wonderful world of Scheveningen both above and below sea level.

Discover the ancient tradition of fishery, including the professions that come with it, and modern seaside life in Scheveningen. Our collection dives into what life used to be like but also how people in Scheveningen live today.

Under the Sea with Muzee
Our volunteers are an extremely important source of historical knowledge about Scheveningen and about working in the fishery. They also contribute to the friendly atmosphere in Muzee and guide visitors around the museum, while also ensuring a strong connection between the museum and Scheveningen. Would you like to join us as a volunteer?


What really originated in Scheveningen? What artefacts should the museum collect? What should be kept and what should not? All these questions are tackled in the Muzee Collection Lab. From the 4th of September we will be working on participative re-evaluation. This means involving the local community and experts from Muzee in taking a look at our collection from a fresh perspective to decide what should be kept and why. You can join us too. Would you like to know how? Read more!

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