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Would you like to visit the museum with your school? At Muzee, school classes are always welcome. Get to know the fascinating stories about life at sea from the past and present.

Muzee’s museum classes are suitable for various age groups and give pupils the chance to explore the historical and marine collections in Muzee together with a museum teacher. Where can you find the biggest shells in the world? What is a bomb barge? How did people swim in the sea way back when?

Take a look at what we offer below and reserve a museum lesson for your school via [email protected].

A school trip to Muzee

There is much to discover about coastal life. Scheveningen has developed from a small fishing village to a famous seaside resort. The fishery, traditional clothing and crafts, paintings by artists from the Hague School and the development of the village are all touched upon during the lessons. Young pupils can discover the cultural heritage of Scheveningen in a playful way and older pupils can be set to work to explore the museum by themselves. All museum classes are taught by experienced museum teachers.

Booking a lesson
Muzee Scheveningen has capacity for about 200 lessons per year. Muzee is part of the Culture menu with the lesson “Look, a Shell!” for years 1-2 for Primary Education and the lesson “Scheveningen on display” for first year secondary school pupils. The lessons were especially developed for the Culture menu. Other lessons are offered with the Vonk of CultuurSchakel. These lessons are part of the education line ‘Cultuuronderwijs op zijn Haags’ (COH) and the corresponding ‘Haagse Ladekast’ by CultuurSchakel.

The lessons can be booked directly via Muzee. An individual lesson takes 1.25 hours and the costs are € 5 per pupil. Muzee can also offer some forms of customisation. For more information on this take a look at the section Customised Programme.

More information or how to make a reservation? 
Contact us at [email protected].

Custom program

Muzee also offers special programmes, potentially in collaboration with the school. Examples are the development of a profile day for higher year secondary school pupils or a school trip for primary schools. Muzee also develops project lessons for our various exhibitions. For example, the project lesson S.O.S Save Our Seas about the challenges that the seas and oceans are facing at the moment.

More information or make a reservation? 
Contact us via [email protected].

Primary education

Discovery at high tide | Groep 1 – 2
Come join Karel the seagull on an exciting adventure! During this lesson we’ll set out on an adventure in the museum and discover all there is to know about the coast. Just like a sea gull we’ll follow the tide and meet all things that live in the sea one by one: fish, crabs, lobsters and even a shark!

Let’s travel back in time! | Groep 1-2, 3-4
Travel back in time and discover what it was like to be a kid in Scheveningen way back when. What was it like to grow up so close to the sea? How was it to have your father be out at sea for weeks at a time? What did Scheveningen look like back then and what games did kids used to play? During this lesson, pupils will learn all about the old objects, houses and clothing of the olden days and discover what jobs people used to do by the coast. There will also be an opportunity to make your own toy just like fishermen used to do back then.

Children’s Closet, on the go in traditional clothing | Groep 3 t/m 6
How were fishermen’s sweaters knitted, what does a metal headpiece look like and what kind of trousers did fishermen wear? Dressed in traditional clothing we will set out to discover the olden days in the museum. After getting some inspiration, we’ll design some new clothing with materials that people used to wear back then.

Painting beach | Groep 5-6, 7-8
What did Scheveningen look like as an old fishing village and what kind of jobs did people do in the village? Get inspired by Scheveningen, just like the famous painter H.W Mesdag and his fellow painters. During this lesson, we’ll take a look at some old sketches and paintings in the museum and create our own sketches of sailors, the old baths or an old street in the village. Then we can start painting our very own masterpieces in the same style that people in the Hague used to paint in.

The second World War in Scheveningen | Groep 5 t/m 8
What was going on in Scheveningen during the Second World War? By examining pieces from the collection and other material from the archives in Muzee, pupils will discover more about what occurred in Scheveningen during war times. Then, the pupils will reflect and picture what their lives would have been like back then.


Secondary Education

Scheveningen of the past and the present | first year secondary school pupils
Take a trip back in time from the old fishing village in the 18th century to the commercial seaside resort of the present. With an assignment, the pupils will discover the differences between what Scheveningen was like and how it is now by evaluating the differences and the similarities.

School Performances 2021-2022

During the school year, the following school performances will be programmed at Muzee. They are available for booking via Vonk by Cultuurschakel.

The story of a small mole – Mister Monster | Groep 1-3
Mister Monster delivers a fresh and energetic performance for kids and introduces them to the world of theatre in a fun way. One day, a turd falls onto a small mole’s head! Who’s the culprit? A show full of poop and too funny not to enjoy.

The Little Mermaid – Schott in de Rose | Groep 1-4
Would you dare swim if you were terrified of water? One day, Marijn gets thrown into the deep and lands in an eye-opening underwater world. Will he be brave enough to overcome his fears and save both his friends, and the sea?

Dream Land – Sahand Sahebdivani | Groep 5 – 6
During the day, Sahand is a regular Dutch boy, but every night his dad tells him all about their home country. Each night these stories take him on an adventure back to his country. Join him on his magical journey!

The Climate Pirate’s Shipwreck – Stichting Helden | Groep 7 –8
An exciting theatre show with a combination of theatre and an escape room. Climate Pirate Jeffrey is a successful businessman and doesn’t believe in climate change. He even wants to start up an environmentally unfriendly business. Will your class be able to stop him in time?

Education activities

In partnership with CultuurSchakel, Muzee organises art classes during school hours for pupils attending primary schools in Scheveningen. These classes are offered during the national amateur art event called ‘Ik Toon’ in June.

Various visual art, dance and music schools from Scheveningen will offer classes for school children for free. During these events, children will get the opportunity to discover their creative talents with real artists and find out what hobbies Scheveningen can offer them.

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