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Muzee Scheveningen cannot exist without a passionate team of employees.

Tamara Peers – Director
‘Every day Muzee is a place full of inspiration, encounters, past and present of our beautiful seaside resort in a unique place. To contribute to this every day with a wonderful team is very special.’
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Justa van den Bulk – Curator of the cultural-historical collection
‘As a curator, I ensure that Scheveningen’s heritage is well preserved and at the same time remains attractive and accessible to young and old! Scheveningen and the Scheveningers have stolen my heart, I feel at home here.’
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Merel de Vries – Coordinator Culture
‘I help to make art, culture and heritage accessible to everyone, inside and outside Muzee. And by the sea I find the most beautiful treasures with my family!’
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Sarah van Soldt – Coordinator program and production
‘I was born and raised in Scheveningen and I have a heart for life on the coast. From my background as a leisure manager, I am the volunteer coordinator in Muzee and I am involved in the programming and organization of events.’
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Martine van der Linde – Museum teacher
‘I am one of the museum teachers. Sand and sea give me a feeling of freedom, really enjoying it.’
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Jelle Zeeuw – Employee external services, coordinator receptions and parties
‘I arrange the cultural and commercial room rental of Muzee and do production work for events. Scheveningen feels like my village, which can change if the tide remains steady.’
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Cathy van der Zwan – Financial administrative assistant
‘I was born and raised in Scheveningen, so I feel like a fish in water in Muzee. You can meet me at the reception and in the store, I also take care of the administration.’
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Kenneth Badri – Head of Technical Services
‘The maintenance of Muzee is in my hands and where necessary I repair everything that is loose and stuck. Scheveningen is my second home. I relax on the beach, staring at the endless view of the sea.’
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Chok Man Ip – Marketing & Communication
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