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In 2013, Muzee Scheveningen was established as a Cultuuranker for Scheveningen, giving it the status as the place where cultural activities for and by residents are organized. There are eight Cultuurankers in The Hague and together they are responsible for providing for art and culture in all parts of the city.

Participation in Scheveningen

Cultuurankers facilitate a space for workshops and act as a stage for several forms of active cultural participation. Moreover, they connect socially conscious organizations and groups of residents in order to reach a larger public.

Muzee Scheveningen primarily concentrates on providing these activities for residents with special attention to the identity and culture of Scheveningen. Expanding cultural participation in the region is the main goal with this initiative. Within this cooperation, other cultural partners are also involved in the process, such as the Lourdes church and the local library.

Stichting Oud-Scheveningen

Muzee’s roots lie in an organization called Stichting Oud-Scheveningen that was set up in 1952 to collect materials that could be made into an exhibition in a separate room in a school on the Badhuisstraat in 1961. In 1970, the cultural and historical collection was transferred to the current school building on the Neptunusstraat. Throughout the years, the name of the museum was changed from the museum of Antiquities and Fisheries to the Museum of Scheveningen. In 2006, the museum joined forces with the old marine biological museum and became Muzee Scheveningen.


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